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wow. i really never update this thing.

a brief overview:

-student teaching is spectacular. minus the whole me not really having a college kid life as a result. i am learning so much, and am still all about teaching. i've realized student teaching is really not like teaching at all, and if i can make it through this, having my own classroom is going to be out of this world. oh, and i hate dressing "like a teacher", pah to that.
-sometimes life likes to downpour on me: losing my hard-drive for the 2nd time in 1 year, the power in this apartment being shitty, just little things. so really it's just a downpour of annoyances that all seem to come at once. all just life's little lessons about getting by.
-pumpkins rule. plain and simple.
-i miss my friends. particularly gal pals.
-my room is going to be pretty bangin' when i put up my new curtians and tapestry!
-i will be turning 21 on october 30th. i have a faculty meeting this day (monday), so i shall be going out for drinks at midnight. not an all out slosh-fest, but a good time. do come. location to be decided.
-i love halloween and can't wait to rock my costume with mark!

my major post graduation plans are as follows:
live with mark, get puppy!!, not go to graduate school, and move out of massachusetts towards the western part of the country. everything beyond that.....?
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